The first $300,000 raised will secure the Camp Mintahama property to be able to open the following summer.        3000 people raising $100 each would get us to goal!

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Offer ideas, offer talent, offer time. We need you and appreciate every contribution that walks us down the path back to Reclaiming Mintahama.

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We reclaim the property before

Camp Mintahama is gone forever.

OUR MISSION: To preserve and utilize historic Camp Mintahama while offering lifelong skill-building, education, and leadership through outdoor experiences.

Visit and see the documentary that Jeremy Ward has created for Mintahama to help people understand the treasure that is Camp Mintahama and its profound impact on our community.

We exist to secure the Mintahama property, to keep it in use for future generations so posterity may know the wellness that comes with a deep connection to nature and participation in outdoor experiences, and to continue building leadership and character in our community members by offering development of lifelong skills and servant leadership culture.


Mintahama  1946-2018.

Since 1946 until its closure in 2018, the Girl Scouts enjoyed the 180 acre Camp Mintahama property south of Joplin. With its recent sale, the Mintahama Inc nonprofit has a renewed chance to purchase the property and expand access beyond girls, to include boys and lifelong learners of all ages. There is a special opportunity to create a community experience venue that showcases the undeveloped beauty of this southwest Missouri area. Historically the camp served a broad geographic community, with its accessible location 5 miles south of Joplin Missouri. For the first time, this camp can serve beyond young women, and address our community wellness needs by fostering people’s connection to nature for a broadened group of participants. With this second chance to save the camp, we are immediately fundraising for the down payment to acquire the property. It will be operated as a public summer camp and year round event and education center.  We can harness the passion for this property from a large committed group of longtime volunteers to meet our goal of reopening by Summer 2021 for its 75th anniversary.